Lockdrop Report

2020 May 12 11:00 AM (UTC)

Stable coins payment network

The funds of users participating in the lockdrop are safe. 

When writing the terms of reference for the lockdrop contracts, we made a mistake.  Withdrawal of funds before May 21 6:02 PM (UTC) will result in tokens not being received by the participants. This is due to the date when the contract will receive the snapshot of the funds balance locked by the participants. Snapshot  is necessary for the proportional distribution of tokens. 

Withdrawal eth and distribution of tokens will take place from May 21 6:02 PM (UTC).

No security threat has been detected for the users' funds. 

Last day when users can lock ethereum 14 May 6:02 PM (UTC)

Contract on etherscan:

Lockdrop page:

We would like to thank @banteg

 for help.

Thank you for the community's help. We hope for your understanding.